St. Louis Missouri Gateway Arch



St. Louis Missouri Gateway Arch

St. Louis Missouri Gateway Arch

This is The St. Louis Missouri Gateway Arch during an August Sunrise.  I arrived at the park at about 0600 hours and parked.  The parking garage looked shady so i called the police to check on the safety of the neighborhood, I did not want to walk back to Indy, hahahaha, not that it could not happen but it is always to be safer than sorry.  They told me it should be ok at that hour.  I then walked to the St. Louis Gateway Arch Park and started shooting once I got the light I wanted.  In This photo The Mississippi River is to the left side and the Capitol to the right.  I stepped back into the trees and pulled out my 70-200mm and took this shot.  It is one of my personal favorites of The St. Louis Gateway Arch.  The Arch does not open until 1000 hours and I was not about to just sit there for four more hours.  I wanted the sunrise and got it.  I went back the next afternoon and evening for more shots with different light.

The structure itself is a beauty. of design.  You enter kinda by going underground first through waves of security.  Then there is a gift shop and other things inside.  They also have a replica of the cart that goes to the top so one may observe its dimensions before they attempt the two to three minute ride to the top.  It had four or five seats inside of the lift but they were cramped.  I would have loved to go to the top but at almost three minutes fully loaded NO WAY !  Even empty and alone I could not do the time to the top.  But many others do, so you will have to ask them about it.

Have a Great Night !!  🙂

The St. louis Gateway Arch at Night.

The St. louis Gateway Arch at Night.

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