Milwaukee Wisconsin USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin skyline and museum of art.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin skyline and museum of art.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin skyline and museum of art.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin skyline and museum of art.

Miller Park Fron Gates Stadium View.  Home of The Milwaukee Brewers.

Miller Park Fron Gates Stadium View. Home of The Milwaukee Brewers.

Miller Park.  Home of The Milwaukee Brewers MLB team.

Miller Park. Home of The Milwaukee Brewers MLB team.


The above two photos are of The Milwaukee, Wisconsin Skyline and Milwaukee Museum of Art.  The Black and White version is a Fine Art Print and The Color is just a regular print.  The photos of the skyline and museum are early morning and if you know anything about Milwaukee it is FOGGY.  The fog rolled in and out ALL day.  So I was very lucky to get these views.  The Photos were taken from a little cafe near the museum and crunched between the Milwaukee Museum of Art and Discovery World, fully accessible to the public.    The photos were also taken pre 10 a.m.  This is known because the “wings” on the museum are not open or fully extended.  Weather permitting The Massive Wings or fins expand or open up looking like a whales tale.  The Milwaukee Museum of Art itself looks like a yacht. When viewed from all angles you can see the idea of it.  The windows on the bottom by the water above that looks like flaps well those flaps are what open.  They raise up.  The Museum is a beautiful Structure and design.  I would also like to Thank The Milwaukee Museum of Art for my Military Discounted FREE Pass !!  Personally after being treated with such eye candy views and design of the structure and architecture the art inside was underwhelming, for me at least.

The bottom two photos are of Miller Park, which is Home of The Milwaukee Brewers MLB Team.  This “park” is HUGE.  I mean GINORMOUS !! And very elegant and beautiful in both essence and design.  The fans like most places are very approachable and talkative and friendly like most places in the midwest.  If you love baseball and architecture you will love this Park.  I use to think that Busch Stadium Home of The St. Louis Cardinals had the most magnificent stadium, now i think they have some serious competition.  The weather forecast was suppose to drop some rain but lightning did not show up until the ninth inning in a tie game.  The roof opens and closes on this stadium in about 10 minutes.  They were telling me that if it had of rained and they would have closed the roof that the building itself turns into a “Hot Box”, “Sauna” when closed.  No air conditioning, unless you are in the 300 club area or suite.  The food like most ballparks in the MLB is very tasty.

On this trip it was only two days.  Day one was travel which was to North Chicago and four hours from Indy.  In North Chicago which is an hour from Milwaukee is where we stayed in our hotel.  The Naval Station Great Lakes Naval Base in North Chicago.  Day two was all spent in Milwaukee looking around and doing things.  I asked a local girl where should I eat and she recommended Real Chili.  So I went.  It looked kinda like a dive but very clean and the Chili I had resembled Steak n Shake but BETTER, WAY BETTER.  They have been open since 1931 and Steak n Shake opened I think in 1934.  If you have ever been to West Lafayette Indiana, aka Purdue University, they have a diner called XXX.  The chili there is different than what I got at Real Chili but both places serve EXCELLENT Chili.  So if you want quality Chili in Indiana you do not have to go to Milwaukee, hahahaha.

So I hope you enjoyed my photos and words, say something if you like ?

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