Chicago White Sox Please come Home to Indianapolis

Let me begin by saying I do like The Indianapolis Indians MiLB AAA team.  But they are NOT “The Show”.  The Pros.  They are however professionals but NOT the highest level.  Now when a MLB team chooses to relocate they can NOT step on the fan base of another team.  Meaning for example.  The Oakland A’s want to move from Oakland to San Jose, but The San Francisco Giants are blocking it because they say they have a large fan base there and they do not wish to lose them.  But seriously all the fans in Oakland would certainly be able to drive across a bridge to get to Giants games, so they would lose nothing in my OP.  Hey Oakland A’s hear me there ?

Now back to my plea.  Nobody in Chicago cares for the Chicago White Sox like the LOVE they show for The Chicago Cubs.  And the Sox have rings in recent memory.  The Cubbies sellout all the time.  When is the last time the Sox sold out Mid-Season ?

Now being as There are in The Indiana region, The Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates and I think the Toronto Blue Jays are all within a seven hour drive.  If you go 10 hours out you pick up Kansas City Royals, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and Baltimore Orioles and The Minnesota Twins.

So my guess that within a five hour drive there are nine teams, so herein I would presume NOT assume that every team listed would have a shit fit if a “NEW” team came to Indianapolis, Indiana.

But if you “Move” a team from within one of these cities, especially a city who has TWO Pro teams and put them in the same “area” it would be OK ?  I mean if Indianapolis White Sox Fans can drive to Chicago why can the Chicago fans NOT drive to Indianapolis.  The team could even move to Lafayette by The Purdue Boilermaker Campus. Hell even the Kokomo area.  And let me tell you Kokomo like Gary NEEDS some LOVE and money.  Hey we could even trade the White Sox for out Indians. Hahahaha.

Now seriously with Nine teams in a five hour area it is crazy to think that a whole state could be without a team. Seriously though think about it.  We are getting pro hockey, this is Indiana, Hockey ?????  Football, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball so where the hell is our Pro Baseball team ?

Governor Pence and Mayor Ballard LETS GET TO IT !!!!!!!

And I am certain ALL my posts will have critical grammar errors.  I do NOT care for I am NOT a Lawyer, Judge or anal retentive about this loss of writing abilities I have.  I love the English Language but hated english in school, so therefore my attention was like a question mark.  Hahahaha lets just say it was Foreign to me and still is.  Besides if I get famous or write a book will I NOT have an editor ?  The Irony is I went to college for Journalism and picked up NOTHING.  Hmmmmm ?

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Medically Retired US Marine I support all Veteran / Disabled Veteran Networks. We ALL make mistakes. I am an American and will support America and its President as long as they fight and stand for freedom and democracy. If you feel it pertinent to swap one of my photos, I don't mind as long as you Link it back to me. If you like it enough to swap it then be kind enough to give the credit to whom it is due. And those of you who will not process this information well.....
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