Indianapolis, Indiana Canal Walk

This is a The Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial on The Canal Walk in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  This particular memorial is located just behind The Indiana State Museum.  If i’m not mistaken it is all part of The White River State Park area as well.

This was made by designers Eric Fulford and Ann Reed of ROAMworks.

The Pieces consist of a set of 27 curved glass walls and gives tribute to The 3,456 Medal of Honor Awardees, with names and rank and other details.WordPress  IWM   B&W  1 Canal Indy War Memorial  Canal SM SH DSC_0834

The Award is given by Congress only for Military Valor. The memorial covers to include 15 different military battles, these battles include The Civil War up to the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The memorial has a speaker system which every evening at dusk it plays recorded tales of The Congressional Medal of Honor Awardees individual stories.

This is a photo I took during winter of 2012-2013.  This is The Black & White version.  The P in the lower right hand corner is my Logo.

You may show off my photo if you like it but must give me appropriate credit.  Thank You.

copyright David Haskett II aka PixelParable

About pixelparable

Medically Retired US Marine I support all Veteran / Disabled Veteran Networks. We ALL make mistakes. I am an American and will support America and its President as long as they fight and stand for freedom and democracy. If you feel it pertinent to swap one of my photos, I don't mind as long as you Link it back to me. If you like it enough to swap it then be kind enough to give the credit to whom it is due. And those of you who will not process this information well.....
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